stencils mix&create 15×15 cm. 2 pcs. (Bird, Heart) M/B #0173088064

High-quality, laser-cut polyester stencils for special stencilling effects.

Create great cards, canvas frames or T-shirts – there are no limits to creativity.
The Silhouette Stencils are suitable for textiles, paper, canvas frames, wood as well as other surfaces. They are ideal for fashion designs, scrapbooking, art journalling and mixed media.

The designs created in the Marabu studio can be mirrored, and repeated for individual creations. Design sections connected with bars can be cut out and used individually. Marabu offers a large selection of designs – there is something for everyone.

For particularly clear contours fix the stencil to the materials with Marabu Stencil Adhesive Spray.
The robust, durable stencils have many uses, they are easy to clean, reusable and PVC-free.


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