Moulin du Roy Roll 300 gsm hot pressed (1.30 x 9.15 m) 400 014 903


Thanks to its large dimensions (1.30 x 9.15 m), the roll is suitable for all situations; it can easily be cut and its format personalized.


Hot pressed paper offers a smooth texture that is particularly suited to creating detailed and precise work, such as portraits. It demands a good mastery of watercolour.


300 g/m² is the most classic weight (not too fine, not too thick). It resists tearing that may sometimes occur with more lightweight papers. The amount of water is easier to measure when using papers of a superior weight. It is a well-balanced option when all of the subtleties of watercolour have not yet been mastered.


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Moulin du Roy® is a watercolour paper that is manufactured on a cylinder mould. This gives the paper a uniform surface, at the same time as a perfectly natural appearing texture. It’s 100% cotton composition makes it both strong and highly absorbent. Its core and surface sizing allows an even pigment distribution that maintains its vibrancy and transparency. Moulin du Roy® is easy to correct (very good touch-up) and is naturally white, acid free and free from optical brightness additives for optimal preservation.